Rand Paul for Senate

The following case study received a Reed Award from Campaigns & Elections for Best Use of Email Copy/Creative for a Statewide Campaign.


Senator Rand Paul needed to harness the energy of his supporters from his Presidential run and redirect it to support for his Senate run heading into his June end-of-quarter deadline. In order to make a statement against an a self funded opponent in the race he need to gain new donors and supporters along with re-engaging the large national donor audience that had been built through the Rand Paul for President campaign.


Vertical Strategies developed a June end-of-quarter “Defend Liberty” email fundraising campaign for Rand Paul for Senate 2016 that was intended inspire liberty lovers to contribute through an overarching libertarian, pro-Constitution message during a 15 day end-of-quarter moneybomb. The plan would target new donors and supporters by leveraging our partners, Conservative Connector’s email database and AdVictory’s proprietary donor audience, while using compelling copy to re-engage the current list.

The email content varied in style, from text-heavy policy driven copy, to simple templates promoting video from the Senator with direct asks for contribution, all maintaining the theme of “Defend Liberty”. Sender names were tweaked email by email to stress the urgency of the goal, with the frequent employment of either [URGENT] or [IMPORTANT]. Subject lines appealed to the personal, often including the first names and locations.


Average donation per donor increase by 10% after the Defend Liberty launch.

  • Individual donors: 1,868 
  • Raised: $136,122.90
  • Average gift: $72.87